Chasing Rainbows & Catching Dreams

Dreamcatcher addresses poverty and inequality through enterprise development, and skills transfer.‘Going truly Local’, our expertise is in social innovation and inclusive enterprise development. Disrupting barriers to sustainability, we enable a new generation of women, girls and youth in creative, environmental regeneration and tourism services with positive local impact. UN Sustainable Goals guide us –  so our partners know their support really helps. Welcome!

Travel to South Africa

As recognized destination development and people engagement experts, we offer a South African experience beyond the mainstream bus. Visitors enjoy refreshing and participative engagement with the locals and add ‘life see encounters’ to sightseeing. Experiencing a South Africa they never knew existed, they step into communities, meet locals, eat their delicious food and have fun while sharing life as lived. We call this ‘Going truly Local’. As a global travelling citizen, your patronage assists in building stronger communities and develops enabling relationships. South Africa is mine, it's yours! Welcome! Read more

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Go Truly Local

Working closely with the communities across South Africa, we develop unique, enjoyable visitor experiences. It is possible to meet and experience life as lived of many different cultures on your travels. Living close to the main tourist routes, they share their passion and local knowledge. We are also working on many projects to help the people to increase quality of life. Read more

Our unique experiences:
Alternative winelands tours
Be part of the inside story of Wasteland – Graced land
Cook-up with Kamamma
Arts & Crafting
Homestay with Kamamma
'La Bloemen' Botanical Garden
PaintUp with Kamamma
Work & play

Our contribution & impact

Dreamcatcher was founded to change extreme hardship and encourage local engagement in communities to enable improved quality of life -and universal harmony between people. We help local communities to develop unique social engagement experiences, volunteering -and knowledge transfer with locals, which are changing lives and advancing the common good in South Africa and between people from different countries, every day. Read more

Our latest projects:
Project's Impact - What is our legacy?
Wasteland - Graced Land
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'La Bloemen' Botanical Garden
PaintUp with Kamamma
Research, Knowledge & Skills Exchange for Development
KickUp Kamammas
Dreamcatcher Kids

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About Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher South Africa is a Non Profit Community Development Trust. We work with valued partners, volunteers and visitors from around the world to support and pioneer innovative, outcomes based community development projects. Starting out 3 decades ago, we are experienced as an inclusive, approachable and enabling partner by locals, visitors and institutions worldwide. Read more

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Anthea Rossouw founded Dreamcatcher 3 decades ago in a South Africa dominated by Apartheid, racial and cultural divide. Her work in poverty relief programmes innovating and re-imaginging sustainable enterprise develoment, impacts positively locally and recognised globally. as a model for sustainable development. She was named 'The Dreamcatcher' by the dying patriarch, in the community of Melkhoutfontein, Hessequa, for her impact on his people. Read more

What people say about us

Over the years we have had many people who traveled with us and experienced the real beauty of South Africa. Read what these people have shared about their experience. Hopefully you will be tempted too!

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