About us

Dreamcatcher has been working holistically in communities locally in South Africa, yet building partnerships world wide, to remove barriers to economic -and skills empowerment and improved quality of life and we specifically focus on women, children and youth (yest not exclusively), offering them a chance to develop to their full potential. We measure our impact and proud of our achievements. Working closely as a committed group with the people in communities, we get things done. We don’t give up and we view challenges as opportunities to innovate!

The name Dreamcatcher is a legally registered brand and trade mark. This name (“Droomvanger” – The Dreamcatcher) was bestowed on our founder by the dying patriarch of an impoverished community where she made a significant difference. Anthea still volunteers to this day.

Our aim is to eliminate barriers and develop opportunities to offer a “leg up” to self-sustenance and dignity, as opposed to a “hand out” approach. We live and work in the communities among the people where we “walk the talking”. We are serious about accountability; do not work arms-length but rather in the communities, monitoring our progress each day.

Our established Home Office in South Africa is in Melkhoutfontein, Stilbaai along the Garden Route, Eden a few hours drive from Cape Town. We have projects and Kamamma’s in 20 communities in 6 provinces in South Africa. We are supported by offices in the UK and Netherlands and have an ambassador for Dreamcatcher in the USA. These friends of Dreamcatcher help us to raise awareness, funds, resources, volunteers and visitors who want an authentic taste of reality with the people.

Anthea_Rossouw_jaarbeurs_DreamcatcherOur work is geared to facilitate an end to poverty without end. We believe in a grass root approach: empowering the women and their children who are the future and will decide the tomorrows. We aim to develop enactors and service providers, instead of consumers and servants. Carefully developed and mentored women we call “Kamammas”, work with us to contribute and build in their communities. Volunteers join us to develop self-sufficiency and a sustainable living.

To foster universal and intra-cultural harmony, we actively encourage patience, self worth and the confidence to move ahead and excel in spite of the disadvantages or hardship the Kamammas and children live in.

Through sport, we transcend children from their small, cramped homes to freedom of movement, develop a team spirit, self worth and compassion to look out for each other: growing a strong body and mind.

About_dreamcatcher_teamWe assist women to develop skills to own and run small tourism -and peripheral enterprises, offering accommodation and mouth watering local food, to visitors to their communities. It is un-staged life as lived. Dreamcatchers’ authentic taste of reality. We make it possible for visitors to immerse themselves in the diverse and vibrant cultures they meet when they volunteer or choose to travel on our specially designed routes. In this we believe, lies the key to the “better life and future” for the people and their environment

Put frankly: Dreamcatcher is proudly making Nelson Mandela’s dream of “a better life for all his people”, work. It’s possible. Help us lead the way!

Other Dreamcatcher organisations

Besides the organisation in South Africa, Dreamcatcher also has an organisations in the Netherlands.