Awards & accolades

Founded by Anthea Rossouw from humble beginnings, Dreamcatcher South Africa has grown in stature as a social innovator and sustainable developer of global standing. Accolades, awards and calls for involvement on public platforms to share “the Dreamcatcher Way”, and visitors from around the world enquiring to visit the remarkable “Wasteland – Graced Land” project, have caught founder Anthea and the communities by surprise. They had been trying for years to get their message of sustainable development for self sufficiency across and are humbled by the attention!

Making a “U”turn on orthodox Monistic economic development models to pioneer and innovate programmes following a Pluralistic approach, Dreamcatcher has spent years in communities reimagining socio-economic development models to achieve sustainable outcomes using tourism and environmental regeneration as the economic driving force. Dreamcatcher has been working in township communities in South Africa for 3 decades, and founder Anthea has worked with thousands of residents in multiple occupancy housing on waste -and environmental management projects.across the South -and South West of England.

Remarks Anthea: “To sustainably address the global challenges of poverty, inequality, stunted economic growth and threats to our environment affecting everyone, we work with the people at grass roots, where the issues are. Going truly local, but working in close collaboration in global partnerships on a multi-level basis to turn aspiration to outcomes based delivery and impactful outcomes. Additionally our aim at the outset of any project we take on, is to ensure that the programme outcome is sustainable and thus ‘puts an end to aid without end’. Whether it is a poverty relief project or one of working on a waste management, environmental management or tourism development project: it must work where people live”.

Rossouw further notes that the results, recognition and accolades are due to a team effort facilitated on the ground in communities, whilst simultaneously drawing on expertise and partnerships globally and the support of growing numbers of visitors to South Africa, to turn turn what may seem the impassable to the possible, purposefully.

Says Anthea in closing: “If local people and communities are not empowered to be more and do more independently when a project ends, it is unsustainable. Ours is a results driven approach where return on human, environmental impact -and local economic growth must outpace the investment. This is “ The Dreamcatcher way”. It is what gets up out of bed every morning”.

Some of our awards & accolades:

  • AI UK – Business Excellence Winner 2018 – Best Community Project
  • World CSR Organisation – One of Worlds Top Social Innovators – India
  • Gatwick Diamond Award – Green Champion UK
  • TIAW World of Difference 100 Award – The International Alliance of Women
  • SAWW – Community Development Award – Etobicoke Canada
  • Best Marketing Organisation Indaba Fair trade South Africa
  • Best Tourism Services Organisation Western Cape, South Africa

and many more….