Dreamcatcher United Kingdom

Dreamcatcher United Kingdom is an organisation with charitable status. We draw on a best practice model that we have developed over 20 years of our work in South Africa. Our aim in the UK is similar to that which we have in South Africa but in a very different environment. It is to engage with residents of diverse communities that are economically depressed, especially but not exclusively, women and youth to empower them to lift themselves out of the poverty trap and take control of their lives by improving their socio-economic circumstances. Our work also includes working in communities to transfer skills and knowledge to address the impact of their activities on the environment and quality of life and their businesses where they live.

The principles and ethos developed by the founder of Dreamcatcher South Africa, during the Apartheid 2 decades ago, when Nelson Mandela was still imprisoned, are basically the same as the later agreed 8 Millennium 2000 Charter Goals 2000 and those of the new 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. These goals which guide the activities are to be found on the Homepage of Dreamcatcher. And also hold true for Dreamcatcher United Kingdom.

Our motto is: “walk the talk to put an end to aid without end to bring about lasting dignity and peace”, by building partnerships internationally and using the benefits locally.

We invite you to walk with us. Welcome!

Activities of Dreamcatcher United Kingdom

Dreamcatcher offers a sustainable solution to unemployment and the social problems that are commensurate with loss of income and which impact negatively on the ability of an individual to care for themselves and their family: poverty, lack of self-esteem and knowledge. These initiatives will be geared to specific local circumstances in diverse individual communities to achieve the very best results of attaining a better life for individuals in these communities. Dreamcatcher UK also supports various poverty alleviation and skills transfer projects currently run by Dreamcatcher South Africa. In particular, tourism is used as a means to alleviating poverty and enabling people to take control of their lives.

A Dreamcatcher tourist visit in South Africa involves the tourist connecting with the locals of the land at grass roots level in mind blowing, interpersonal contact experiences, for a day, overnight or half a day. The tourist will enjoy authentic inter-cultural contact and home from home accommodation comforts at our branded Dreamcatcher Homestays with Kamamma, (mothers) at prices that won’t break the bank. This includes traditional cuisine experiences, where fresh food, lovingly cooked especially for the visitor, will be prepared from only the freshest produce: offering the visitor an exciting kaleidoscope of traditional food, proudly offered by a local culture.
This allows the people providing the food and accommodation to become self-sufficient and not rely on Government and aid indefinitely. It enables them to build an independent future and at the same time it builds bridges of universal understanding between visitors and the locals.

Our projects entail addressing the barriers to lack of tourism business, accessing opportunities and mentoring in the identified communities: knowledge, awareness and skills transfer. It includes the effective management of the impact of waste and energy consumption in their local communities, and specifically in the tourism micro businesses. Similarly, the UK represents many vibrant and diverse cultures and these assets may be able to be utilised in a positive way to help alleviate poverty and also facilitate social harmony.

Examples of life changing projects

How to reach us

Our address and other contact details are at the Dreamcatcher United Kingdom contact page.

Board of directors

Front left - Penny Line (Chairperson) Front right - Sandra Miles, Back left -  Gerla de Boer Back right -  Anthea Rossouw

Front left – Penny Line (Chairperson)
Front right – Sandra Miles,
Back left – Gerla de Boer
Back right – Anthea Rossouw

Our Board comprises four ladies who all have a common interest: Passion to make the difference. With an impressive range of skills our board members have all volunteered many hours on various projects and a wide range of disciplines, all impacting on quality of life and the environment across the United Kingdom.