Partner – Carole Spiers Group

PrintThe Carole Spiers Group is proud to work alongside the Dreamcatcher Foundation whose aims for the past 25 years have been to eradicate poverty, build stronger communities and ease unemployment. For the past 10 years, Carole Spiers has worked to motivate and inspire local entrepreneurs living in township communities and provides marketing expertise for those wishing to develop their own micro business in South Africa’s Western Cape. As an international motivational speaker, Carole is delighted to deliver keynote presentations at high profile conferences about the work that she has carried out alongside the Dreamcatcher Foundation.

Carole_DreamcatcherLearn about Carole’s commitment and passion for “A SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE” project.

Using adversity as a business tool

South Africa’s townships spawn success stories built on innate skills and not MBAs.

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