Feedback from Grietje

I used to live in South Africa and have been involved in the community through JCI too. There are many community projects out there and quite a few are not sustainable and don’t benefit the community at all. Most organisations only support communities in Cape Town, Knysna and Johannesburg, but there are a lot more communities who need support. The founder Anthea knows the community inside out. After a solid training of 3 years, the women can run their own B&B, speak English and support the community as she creates jobs. On her turn she has to run a project within the community. If you want to learn about the real South Africa, you have to include a Dreamcatcher experience or stay on your trip. One of my friends thought it was the best experience she had on her trip and I only can confirm that. When booking a holiday to South Africa, don’t only follow the advice of tour operators, follow your instinct and include it in your visit to South Africa.