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Given the road we have walked since the inception of Dreamcatcher, we will be forgiven for being very proud of our brands. They have taken years of commitment and dedication, to develop. Our brands are not just a cool or nice name: they have great meaning to us and everyone associated with Dreamcatcher.

Only those who are officially registered to our projects and programmes are entitled to use our brands.  The name (moniker) The Dreamcatcher (Die Droomvanger), was bestowed on our founder who had worked as a volunteer for many years, facing enormous odds and retribution to work -and live among the historically disadvantaged communities. It was in recognition of her commitment to bringing hope and a real chance for a better tomorrow for many. The dying patriarch Moses Kleinhans, in the community where she started out on her mission to make a difference, gave it to her. On that his last day, he asked her “Droomvanger. sal jy ons Droomvanger wees? ” (Dreamcatcher, will you be our Dreamcatcher?), as she held his hand until he passed away she promised Moses that she would continue her work in his community.

It is thus obvious that we protect our brands. Using them without our written consent is an offence punishable by law and which could result in financial compensation to Dreamcatcher and the destruction of any materials or any devices used to advertise, market or offer services involved with tourism, accommodation, meals, marketing and/or promotion, not owned by Dreamcatcher Brand South Africa.

The following are legally registered brands and trademarks held by Dreamcatcher Brand South Africa:

  1. Dreamcatcher
  2. Dreamcatcher South Africa
  3. Homestay with Kamamma
  4. Cook-up with Kamamma

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