The founding of the Dreamcatcher Foundation in the Netherlands

Dreamcatcher Foundation gave our life an extra significance

Before 2000 Jacqueline Beckers (photo-journalist) and me, Sonja van Proosdij (journalist and travel-writer) had visited SA in all directions for our work. In 2000 our programme and schedule was developed by Travel Dreamcatcher  That is the spin-off of the Dreamcatcher Foundation: organising tours in South Africa, including the main attractions but  also enhancing it the projects  of the  many different cultures where visitors can enjoy staying at Dreamcatcher homestays and cook-up with Kamamma. The profits are for the Foundation.

This meeting with the Kamamma’s and their communities opened our hearts for the ‘people of South-Africa’ even more. We came back in 2001 and 2003 to work with the Kamamma’s, in little groups, each time for a month, duplicating the workshops in 9 different towns and regions in the country.

These workshops were focused on the value of self esteem and their wish for an independent income as SMME’s(small and micro entrepreneurs). Tourism is particularly viable to assist to build a future for South Africa and women and play an important role in their future:  so we facilitated discussions on how to build and achieve this, what to think about and consider and how to develop credibility and to be trustworthy and should keep arrangements.

We stayed over and slept at several homestays,  enjoyed cook-ups and got to know the warmth en strength of the women, the emotional climate which surrounds them and the athmosphere in the townships.

Through the approach and the results of the workshops of Sonja and Jacqueline, CORDAID, the NPO in the Netherlands, had the courage, as the first humanitarian organization, to put Social Tourism on the calendar and to support Dreamcatcher Foundation Nederland/South Africa financially as a pilot project for the period of 2007 to 2009 with approximately R 2.3000.000 (€ 250.000).

From 2010 on, the members of the Dutch board are working very hard to fulfill our task: finding donations for Dreamcatcher South Africa to carry on with their wonderfull way of helping our Kamamma’s to reach the level of an economic independent woman, who is guiding her family and community to a better life.


Jacqueline (the first chairperson) and me, Sonja (secretary) are blessed to have met Anthea Rossouw, the founder of Dreamcatcher and all her Kamamma’s and Bhuti’s and their unique work and to be a part of this extraordinary beautifull country with their own original men and women. Dreamcatcher is a part of our life and fills our hearts.

Jacqueline and Sonja (Founders)

August 2012

Dreamcatcher today

Dreamcatcher_benefiet_movieThe small, but active group of Dreamcatcher Netherlands are endeavouring to raise funding and awareness  in many ways. With the funds we can provide the knowledge, resources and assistance as a project to help improve the environment of the families and the community as a whole.

If you want to experience an extraordinary and exclusive holiday to South Africa where you not only see the country but also meet the real people, you should contact the Dreamcatcher staff directly and complete the contact form or one of the special tour operators or travel partners connected to our websites who have been carefully selected to work with us to offer a tourism experiences. The best way to make sure you get what you want is go to the main website of  the Dreamcatcher Foundation above. They will work with you and point you in the right direction.

How to reach us

Our address and other contact details are at the Dreamcatcher Netherlands contact page.