The Dreamcatcher team

Anthea Rossouw
Anthea Rossouw – Founder, Communication,
Programme Officer & Kamamma Mentor 

Katrina Solomon
Katrina Solomon – Bookings & Development Officer

Katrina Solomon
Debra Jansen – Creative & Gardening assistance

Dreamcatcher’s operational and administrative hub is to be found in the “township’ community of Melkhoutfontein, Stilbaai, South Africa. Our Home Office is situated in beautiful and historical surrounds in the heart of the rural community where we live among the people and nature: free to focus on our key objectives.

In keeping with our ethos and code of conduct, we empower locals to join our staff whom we empower them with training  purposed in all levels of administration and technical abilities to not only do the job: but to do it well.

To this end we are not an arms length organisation. Dreamcatcher has a local site mentor in each community across the country where we offer projects.  12 local site mentors, of whom all women respected in their communities, are empowered and supported with skills, information and knowledge, and the skills to transfer that knowledge, in their local communiitiies,are part of our team.They function as onsite facilitators, provide feedback on the needs and project impacts and assist with operations when training or events take place in their communities.These local site mentors (Kamammas), they are paid a daily rate well above the minimum wage for this services.

Bound by a common goal “to make our work, work”, we are a committed, hard working and highly productive team. It goes without saying that for the Dreamcatcher staff it is not just a job and about the salary. Staff are thus carefully recruited and mentored. As we are pioneers in many aspects, each day offers a diverse range of activities in our dynamic office. Across the land in our Kamamma communities, we have fun, learn from each other, often draw on our inner strength and commitment to turn our work into a life’s task to work and stay true to our Dreamcatcher ethos in an environment which reflects life as lived and we help to enable improved quality of life.

We offer training and information exchange on a regular basis at our Home Office and we travel around the country to visit each community in a protracted community -and social engagement programme. These site visits are facilitated by the Local Site Mentors.

Working since before ‘Apartheid’ was dismantled, as part of our operational, knowledge transfer -and intern activities, we recruit volunteers and universities place interns with us from around the world to come and live and work with us in the communities on projects to make a difference, gain valuable experience, conduct host research and feedback from volunteers.

As a team Dreamcatcher’s, roll up our sleeves, and get on with it to deliver on our objectives. We are building down to earth and getting the job done. It’s what we as staff do – its who we are: Dreamcatchers 🙂