Globals join Locals to Plant Trees on a Former Dumpsite in South Africa

In the small community of Melkhoutfontein, tucked away close to the shores of the pristine beach of Stilbaai, Hessequa region of South Africa a Phoenix in sustainable environmental regeneration is rising. In a project aptly named ‘Wasteland – Graced Land’, an initiative spearheaded by Dreamcatcher South Africa, set out with the local community, to remove […]

Local community first aider service hailed a life saver

Breaking news from one of Dreamcatcher’s socio-economic development initiatives, is that a team of First Aid Responders have trained for deployment across the community of Melkhoutfontein, South Africa as part of the Dreamcatcher ‘Wasteland – Graced Land’ project. 12 locals from the community registered to undergo a Level 3 South African Government Department of Labour […]

The Impossible is only Impossible until its done

In the year 2018 the Dreamcatcher Kamammas and Nelson Mandela live on…. This year we mourn the passing and celebrate the lives of 3 of our founding Kamammas. Those who dared to cross the divide with me to intentionally challenge and break the mould of what constituted the South African experience for decades.  We also salute our “Madiba” Nelson […]

Dreamcatcher founders’ work in sustainable tourism and environmental solutions for local benefit is Globally recognised

Three decades ago, from humble beginnings, in a partisan and divided South Africa where a fiercely protective tourism industry was not ready to change a ‘model they felt aint broken’, one tenacious white woman in South Africa broke the mould to lay the foundations and champion the cause of a more inclusive, fair and responsible […]

Dreamcatchers ‘Wasteland – Graced Land’ project in Melkhoutfontein blueprint for Sustainable Development

The Wasteland – Graced Land Project, which took its first fledgling steps in April 2008 in Melkhoutfontein in the diverse and beautiful Hessequa region in the Western Cape of South Africa, has recently been recognized globally as a best practice sustainable model for poverty relief, community development -and environmental management projects. According to the Dreamcatcher […]

Centre for the Arts for Humanity launched in Melkhoutfontein (Hessequa Garden Route)

Press release issued by Dreamcatcher Foundation South Africa March 9th 2018 The Dreamcatcher Foundation together with the community of Melkhoutfontein launched the Centre for Arts for Humanity project on Sunday March 4th in the restored historic St. Augustine’s church situated on the newly developed ‘La Bloemen’ indigenous botanical garden developed on a former waste dumpsite. […]

‘Wasteland – Graced Land ‘ experience is re-imagining tourism in South Africa

An alternative to mainstream resort stays and travel routes, Dreamcatcher has spent years in communities inspiring new ways to offer inclusively local experiences which benefit local communities and which contribute tangibly to the greater good of society. Wasteland – Graced Land is situated in Melkhoutfontein, close to the N.2 between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, […]

Dreamcatcher Sustainable Growth Model Inspires Entrepreneurial thinking for School Curriculum

The Dreamcatcher Foundation, spearheading training and inspiring women and youth in South African townships to become tourism and its peripheral services entrepreneurs since before 1994, formed a collaborative partnership recently with South African curriculum planners and ‘Onderwijs Maak je Samen’ (Education is achieved together), a Dutch NGO. It is the first time that the Dutch […]

Co-Founder of Dreamcatcher sister organisation in the Netherlands passes away

Over the years we have had help from some incredible people. As the year drew to an end, Sonja van Proosdij, co-founder of the sister organisation of Dreamcatcher in the Netherlands, sadly passed away on the 28th December 2017 at her home in The Hague. Together with her partner Jacque Beckers, they were passionate about […]

Awakening of the ‘Forgotten People’- A dream comes to life

A project named Wasteland – Graced land five years in the making and over 25 years as a dream to help an impoverished community, with significant ancient ancestry, has finally started coming true for the residents of Melkhoutfontein, Hessequa, Garden Route in South Africa. The dreamer is Anthea Rossouw, who is the founder of Dreamcatcher […]