Co-Founder of Dreamcatcher sister organisation in the Netherlands passes away

Sonja and Kamamma Gertie, Melkhoutfontein Dreamcatcher SA

Sonja and Kamamma Gertie, Melkhoutfontein
Dreamcatcher SA

Over the years we have had help from some incredible people. As the year drew to an end, Sonja van Proosdij, co-founder of the sister organisation of Dreamcatcher in the Netherlands, sadly passed away on the 28th December 2017 at her home in The Hague. Together with her partner Jacque Beckers, they were passionate about the impact and relevance of Dreamcatcher in South Africa for the many people at grass roots across the country especially, and tourism enterprise development in general.

Spending years of volunteering and visiting the many Dreamcatcher Kamamma communities, they passionately promoted, helped raise awareness and mentored the Kamammas. The relished the impact which tourism was making via the Dreamcatcher community tourism experiences in communities across South Africa.

Though Sonja and Jacque had been a travel writers, journalists and photographers for many years travellilng the world and also visiting South Africa a multiple times, she mentioned that nowhere else had she learned as much about South Africa, its past impacts and the future potentia, than in the Kamamma communities.

Sonja dedicated the last few years of her life to the ‘ Wasteland – Graced Land’ project in Melkhoutfontein. Particularly as she had seen the devastation of the environment and the lack of opportunities for its people initiallyin 2008 and since then had witnessed the changes and the significant improvements and transformation taking place for the local people in their environment, as the project evolved.

Recalling the downright fun she had helping to realise the hopes and aspirations of many women and children in townships across South Africa with Dreamcatcher, said Sonja: ” It made me so happy – there was so much vibrancy, positivism, hope and resolve among the women”. Sonja leaves a lasting legacy.

When the sun rises and goes down in townships across South Africa, Sonja and Jacque, who passed away on 20th June 2015, will be remembered.

In loving memory and Gratitude: Dreamcatchers Anthea, Kamammas, Communities, Youth, Dreamcatcher Board and Staff.
Dreamcatcher South Africa. Photo caption/credits: Sonja and Kamamma Gertie, Melkhoutfontein
Dreamcatcher SA