Dreamcatchers ‘Wasteland – Graced Land’ project in Melkhoutfontein blueprint for Sustainable Development

The Wasteland – Graced Land Project, which took its first fledgling steps in April 2008 in Melkhoutfontein in the diverse and beautiful Hessequa region in the Western Cape of South Africa, has recently been recognized globally as a best practice sustainable model for poverty relief, community development -and environmental management projects.

According to the Dreamcatcher Foundation’s founder, Anthea Rossouw, the ‘Wasteland – Graced Land’ model is geared to provide solutions to local problems using local resources as far as possible to created sustainable work. This project blends tourism and environmental sustainability with helpfulness by introducing a new, meaningful tourist visitor destination with the chance for visitors to engage and get involved with the locals to innovate and create together locally.

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