Harmony in Cultural Diversity

“Chasing Rainbows and Catching Dreams” in South Africa.

9 Cultures – 1 Mission: Harmony in Diversity at Dreamcatcher

9 Cultures – 1 Mission: Harmony in Diversity at Dreamcatcher

Known as the “Rainbow Nation”, South Africa has 11 official languages and scores of diverse cultural groups living in communities across the country. It is fair to say that most of the various cultures with whom we interface on a daily basis, never or hardly come into contact with other cultures in the towns and regions of South Africa for a multitude of reasons, most important of which is the legacy of the previous political system, poverty and lack of funds to travel around in South Africa and lack of opportunity to travel in South Africa to work together on projects with positive outcomes in a team and to discover the diversity and beauty of South Africa themselves as a tourist.

Dreamcatcher has over 50 registered Dreamcatcher tourism entrepreneurs, working with over 80 community projects in 21 communities and impacting on the lives of over 3000 children and youth. We believe in – and act inclusively to reflect and celebrate this diversity and if sensitively, sensibly developed, explored and appreciated for the incredible wealth it brings to local community perceptions and visitors, promotes universal peace and harmony in our communities, in the country and between nations.

The chance for visitors to South Africa to engage and interact with many different cultures is a unique and heart warming experience. International award winning journalist, Kate Crawford from Sebastopol, United States, has described Dreamcatcher as the organisation which is “Chasing Rainbows and Catching Dreams” in South Africa.

We have specific projects where we encourage our diverse Kamammas and Bhutis to interact with each other on a regular basis; to travel to each other’s towns and regions, learning about their areas and about the country and we offer the chance for Kamamma’s and Bhutis to engage each other to transfer skills, knowledge and understanding.