Peer to Peer Knowledge Transfer

Peer_to_peer_knowledge_transferWe work in 21 communities in South Africa on an inter- and intra-cultural basis in what can be best described as a “world of diversity of languages, lifestyles and life skills in one country”.

Living out the philosophy of our founder, who believes in the innate worth and expertise of ordinary people in the local communities, Dreamcatcher gives recognition to the wealth of knowledge, skills and creativity within our organisations network, which was developed over years of survival in harsh and confusing circumstances.

Most of the Dreamcatcher Kamammas, live in the worst socially deprived areas and were most affected by the conflict and degradation of social structures and inequality in opportunity: yet they have skills, which we call: “The Dreamcatcher University of Life”. At Dreamcatcher, our Kamammas and Bhutis are not “tourism -and business nobody’s”. We believe and actively encourage them to find dignity and to become “somebody”, through association with each other and visitors to South Africa.

Peer_to_peer_Lets_do_itWe actively create peer-to-peer knowledge and skills transfer opportunities amongst the Kamammas and Bhutis, facilitating interesting, rewarding and surprizing insight. We encourage visitors and volunteers to share their insight and facilitate opportunities to do so, encouraging consideration of different approaches and new understanding and mutual respect amongst our network members, as well as the encouragement to consider new ways to deal with an old or specific problem, which requires addressing. Peer-to-Peer skills transfer also explores and gives expression to talents and develops confidence amongst our Kamammas and Bhutis.