Paint-Up with Kamamma

Transform a Community with a Brush of your Hand

PaintUp Kamamma is an innovative project, developed with the community to create a sustainable, thriving tourist economy in South Africa’s Melkhoutfontein community through art, storytelling, re-enactment of history, humanity and cultural awakening. It is a ground breaking project of joining hands globally to facilitate development, restoration, beautification and development of crafters using crafts from resources in the community. The area in which this community lives, is a world treasure for its important cultural history — the nearby Blombos Cave is home to the earliest known evidence of humankind as artists. ( It is time for the community of Melkhoutfontein to immerse themselves in their culture and history to reach for the dream they believed in which Nelson Mandela envisaged: ‘A better life for all’.

Timeline From Blombos - Melkhoutfontein BRNew 2Artists have the unique ability to break down cultural barriers and ignite positive change with their creative approaches to communication and self-expression. Dreamcatcher volunteers have over the years left a lasting legacy in the communities they have volunteered with us. This project is about joining hands with the community of Melkhoutfontein to create the opportunity for a future of improved quality of life. We invite you to join hands to facilitate the cultural awakening of Melkhoutfontein. With your help we can do it!

So what now?

The Dreamcatcher Foundation is looking for professional and aspiring artists, art students, teachers, designers, decorators. building restoration enthusiasts, those with administrative and even photographic abilities, to join other volunteers from around the world and community members to complete these life-changing projects for the Melkhoutfontein community.

We have been working with the community of Melkhoutfontein over a period of 5 years, partnered with the Utopia Volunteers, renowned British artist Bruce Rimell, the Environment, Art, Design & Media Departments of the University of Brighton and 2 well-known local artists, to develop the Global Citizens Artist project. Even if you don’t classify yourself as an artist, we need your help to make this impactful and transformative project a success. It takes giving, willing hearts and bodies of diverse backgrounds, who will work tirelessly, creatively, and compassionately with us, to create lasting change in a well-deserving area for PaintUp with Kamamma.

5 Working on the muralBy adding art which will depict the history of the people of Melkhoutfontein onto the exterior walls of small houses in the community, and restoring and reviving many features of the area including the ancient St. Augustine church, you will help re-create history and connect locals to their past which will lead them into the future with a community story to share. Collectively we wil be developing what we can ascertain, the world’s largest, (some would argue most significant, in terms of understanding humanity), living history book in the world! These changes will empower the community’s economy to blossom.

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But, to do all of this great work, we need YOU!
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