Resource Needs, Schooling & Knowledge Transfer

Dreamcatchers’ community -and social engagement, local economic development and knowledge transfer skills and models have been built over 2 decades. Working in diverse and what can be called “hard to reach communities” across South Africa, we are proud of our legacy of making a tangible difference to many people in communities.

Dreamcatcher has a meaningful programme of knowledge sharing of our solution focused; outcomes based approach and its legacy and we draw on the skills of schools of international and local learning. We have an active programme of collaboration with institutions, universities, individuals of learning and volunteers who take sustainable development seriously; seek practical experience and an approach to projects which offer solutions to provide content to theory, research, strategy and policy.

Starting out over 2 decades ago, Dreamcatcher struggled to find local economic – and outcomes based skills transfer poverty relief models which used community tourism as a job -and sustainable entrepreneur “creator”. It was critical that it would work sustainably and effectively in Township Communities in South Africa, given the level of socio-economic depreviation. At times we faced fierce opposition from established tourism -and business enterprises. Our needs were for skills and small business development models, which would break the status quo to offer talented, disenfranchised people the chance to access the benefits of tourism and its peripheral economic benefits and opportunities. It was our mission in 1989 and still prevails today: to turn impoverished individuals and disadvantaged communities into enactors , small businesses -and job creators where they lived, as opposed to consumers, labourers and servants as the only outcome of “tourism benefits to communities”.

Our local economic and knowledge transfer models do not criticize other approaches, but rather actively pursues a new way to poverty relief and lack of skills and knowledge in South Africa which includes the community, the world traveler, student of learning -and volunteer as informed partners and mutual facilitators of poverty relief. We consider it important to provide access to knowledge and skills to sustain themselves and build a better future themselves in an ongoing fashion until the job is clearly done.

Our development programmes include social engagement -and marketing, working with women, (predominantly but not exclusively) children, youth. Our projects impact and include the environment, education, health, and application to learn and apply skills and gain access to the chance to improve quality of life sustainably.

It is thus becomes clear that Dreamcatcher build the social welfare of the tourism host community, not that of individuals who benefit in isolation and out of synch with the needs of their community and environment. Let us be pioneers and end poverty without end. Welcome!

We have done projects with several Universities: