Dreamcatcher Mama Esme movieThe Dreamcatcher Foundation of South Africa, Registration Number: IT/1675/2003 constitutes an appropriate legal body in the form of a development trust, to facilitate and promote the relevant identified initiatives outlined below and is duly registered with the Department of Justice in the Republic of South Africa in terms of section 6 (1) of the Trust Property Control Act 198 (Act 57 of 1988)

Dreamcatcher’s work is to help people to help themselves out of the poverty trap, and to bring lasting dignity, by knowledge and skills transfer on a whole range of issues, which affects daily quality of life and dignity. We believe that investing in the people, who are the custodians of the land, secures the future of everyone and everything in it.

Anthea Rossouw founded Dreamcatcher over 2 decades ago from humble beginnings, in a then Apartheid dominated and racially divided South Africa. She was named ‘The Dreamcatcher’, by the dying patriarch Moses Kleinhans, who lived in the community of Melkhoutfontein, Stilbaai: in recognition of her commitment and dedication, in spite of facing enormous odds, to spearhead a socio-economic transformation, which changed the lives of many individuals in his community. This name of “Dreamcatcher” ( Moses’ Droomvanger) is today a legally registered brand.

To achieve our goals, we develop initiatives and facilitate opportunities to communities to become entrepreneurs and create jobs where they live, by putting tourism to work for the people, whilst simultaneously addressing the barriers and circumstances, which inhibit sustainable growth and development in the communities. We aim to put an end to aid without end by facilitating lasting and outcomes based results.

Specific emphasis is placed on the roll women can play to rebuild their own lives and that of the communities they live in. Children living in these communities are part of our focus group, and are involved in many initiatives throughout the year.

Dreamcatcher strives to facilitate harmony in diversity, mutual respect and universal understanding between cultures in South Africa and to transcend these values into international outreach programs. We thus think globally but act locally as we reach out to partners to join us to make a tangible and evident difference. We subscribe to -and have been guided by the 8 Millennium goals in our outcomes based, solution focused initiatives and have continued to build on these goals, since they were formulated in the year 2000.

Any funds left after paying the entrepreneurs who own their own tourism businesses, are ploughed directly into sustaining what we put into place. Grants and donations to our organization are channeled directly into the projects to ensure maximum end result for which it was intended.

We are honoured to have won numerous awards and nominations in recognition of the results achieved, ground breaking new models and initiatives in social engagement and development that works. We are proud of our track record and have grown into a high profile non profit development trust working for the well being and advancement of under-privileged communities in South Africa.

How we make dreams come true?

The mission of The Dreamcatcher Foundation is to change words into action and activities in a solution focused and outcomes based manner. We walk the talking to put an end to poverty and lack of knowledge and skills to build a better more sustainable future permanently, for an identified number of individuals in impoverished communities across South Africa. We live and work in the communities we are involved in and track our progress through the measurable achievements of our Kamammas, Bhutis and children.

Examples of projects and development initiatives which benefit the local entrepreneurs to acquire skills to engage with visitors from around the world to generate work and growth can be found in our Dreamcatcher Homestays and Cookup with Kamamma, Crafting with Bhuti and Sisi, Dreamcatcher Kids, Work and Play, Walkabout with Kamamma and Bhuti, Volunteer programs and “A Taste of Reality alternative wind lands tours.

These unique community based projects are fed into the travel affiliate organization Travel Dreamcatcher, which offers a professional, one-stop booking and information service to ensure that visitors have the chance to visit, or volunteer, transfer skills and learn about a whole new way of life at grass routes in South Africa, as lived by the locals.


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