Dreamcatcher Mama Esme movieThe Dreamcatcher Foundation of South Africa, Registration Number: IT/1675/2003 constitutes an appropriate legal body in the form of a development trust, to facilitate and promote the relevant identified initiatives outlined below and is duly registered with the Department of Justice in the Republic of South Africa in terms of section 6 (1) of the Trust Property Control Act 198 (Act 57 of 1988)

Dreamcatcher’s work is to help people to help themselves out of the poverty trap, and to bring lasting dignity, by knowledge and skills transfer on a whole range of issues, which affects daily quality of life and dignity. We believe that investing in the people, who are the custodians of the land, secures the future of everyone and everything in it. We are honoured to have won numerous awards and nominations in recognition of the results achieved, ground breaking new models and initiatives in social engagement and development that works. It is not awards we seek, though we are humbled by them. Our goal: is to make the dreams of Nelson Mandela and all his people work for A BETTER LIFE FOR EVERYONE IN South Africa. Delivery is thus what motivates and guides our activities and to see and measure results through progress is what fires us onto the next level. So, we are proud of our track record and have grown into a high profile non-profit development trust working for the well-being and advancement of under-privileged communities in South Africa.

Anthea Rossouw founded Dreamcatcher over 3 decades ago from humble beginnings, in a then Apartheid dominated and racially divided South Africa. She was named ‘The Dreamcatcher’, by the dying patriarch Moses Kleinhans, who lived in the community of Melkhoutfontein, Stilbaai: in recognition of her commitment and dedication, in spite of facing enormous odds, to spearhead a socio-economic transformation, which changed the lives of many individuals in his community. Anthea has worked as an unpaid volunteer to realise the “community dream” for over 30 years. She is revered by the local communities across the land. This name of “Dreamcatcher” ( Moses’ Droomvanger) is today a legally registered brand.

To achieve our goals, we are not challenged by the challenges around us in South Africa or any community where we help to enable improved quality of life for the people and the environment in which they live. To the contrary we prospect for the challenges and use them as the SOLUTIONS for CHANGE. Therefore, we develop initiatives and facilitate opportunities to communities to become entrepreneurs and create jobs where they live, by putting tourism to work for the people, whilst simultaneously addressing the barriers and circumstances, which inhibit sustainable growth and development in the communities. Barriers to growth and improved wellness and quality of life are breached and eliminated. We aim to put an end to aid without end by facilitating lasting and outcomes based results.

Working in close partnership with the community, we walk the talk at Dreamcatcher and we place specific emphasis on the roll women can play to rebuild their own lives and that of the communities they live in. Children living in these communities are part of our focus group and are involved in many initiatives throughout the year. Enabling the youth, the leaders of tomorrow with a reason to get up in the morning to look forward to and work towards their potential and purpose, is a major focus to ensure sustainable outcomes for all our projects. Our flagship projects which enable visitors from around the world to “Go truly Local’ with us to engage and share knowledge and experience life as lived in communities across South and Southern Africa, is a globally recognised important trend among visitors: to dedicate part of their travels to a country to ensure that local communities’ benefit from their patronage and their mutual contact. We are deeply grateful for each and every visitor who comes to South Africa or locals who travels to us to contribute to achieving our goals, which are carefully developed after in-depth consultations with the local communities.

Dreamcatcher strives to facilitate harmony in diversity, mutual respect and universal understanding between cultures in South Africa and to transcend these values into international outreach programs. We thus think globally but act locally as we reach out to partners to join us to make a tangible and evident difference. We subscribe to -and have been guided by the 8 Millennium goals in our outcomes based, solution focused initiatives and have continued to build on these goals, since they were formulated in the year 2000.We are proud that when the UN2030 Goals were announced, Dreamcatcher could participate in forums in Washington to share knowledge and forge partnership globally to realise the goals. Our approach is to form enabling partnerships with people and organisations who can contribute to our activities and thus form Local and Global Partnerships.

As non-profit, we make sure that every project we tackle with the communities, equate to at least treble the value from donors and as visitors and communities grow together, the impact on human resource and quality of life is clear for everyone involved to assess, experience and be part. Any funds left after paying the entrepreneurs who own their own tourism businesses, are ploughed directly into sustaining what we put into place. Grants and donations to our organization are channelled directly into the projects to ensure maximum end result for which it was intended.

The Dreamcatcher Foundation South Africa Board

The Dreamcatcher Board of Trustees are a dedicated group. Each board member is carefully nominated to bring their passion and skills to the table in a most enabling manner. They are also nominated in terms of their contact and standing in their local communities. Since people IN communities are the focus of what we do, we view it as vital that board members are active and that they engage in their communities gainfully. In short, we have the Board we need to enable the goals of our founding constitution. This year we have lost stalwarts in terms of Board Members and also Matriarchal Kamammas whose remit is to “look around and back to take your community along with you”. We also work closely with our awareness and fund/support seeking sister organisations in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. See our recent blog update reporting.

Introducing the board members

Anthea Rossouw: Dreamcatcher Founder Communication, Stakeholder Engagement & Tourism Development Professional
Portfolio: Board Executive, Spokesperson & Programmes Leader

Andelene Aghulhas-Damons: Retired qualified Nurse
Portfolio: Wellness, Visitor Host & Event Support

Mr Jacobus Riddles – Seasoned Master Builder
Portfolio: Building Maintenance, Advisor – New Building Project

Ineke Mooiman-Naude – Administrative Professional
Portfolio: Administrator, Children- and Events Support, Visitor Host

Mr Karel Lietz – Qualified Electrician & Avid Gardener
Portfolio: Maintenance of Power & Electrical Systems & Garden Maintenance

Katrina Solomon: Board Secretary
Development Official & Tourism Kamamma Entrepreneur