How much do we need?

We have developed a portfolio of needs and interventions necessary over the period 2014-2016 which will guide our fund and grant raising activities, which assist the Kamammas (women) and children to develop and grow to the next level of their potential. All project donations and grants are acknowledged. Our financials are carefully audited.

Our Projects and Beneficiaries for 2014-2016

1. Investing in skills, resources, knowledge and business skills transfer for women who struggle to find work or to become successful entrepreneurs, we addresses barriers which inhibit their growth and empowers them to make a sustainable living, provide for their children and invest back into their own communities.

2. We are also committed to invest skills, knowledge and resource needs transfer and provide resources, for the children and youth in the Kamamma communities. For a better tomorrow for everyone, as they are the future of South Africa: Furthermore, a significant number of children and youth in the communities suffer abuse and abandonment (sometimes temporary – many times permanently) by living parent(s) and/or family. These children and youth are then given a caring and loving environment by Dreamcatcher Kamammas. At the moment three of our Kamammas offer home and safe sanctuary to over 50 children and youth.

3.To increase self-sufficiency and facilitate the growth of tourism into the township communities, developing a tourist visitor attraction IN the township community itself and to increase the professionalism and income generating opportunities for the Dreamcatcher Kamamma tourism entrepreneurs. (Some Kamamma townships are situated in some of the most beautiful surroundings, directly accessible from the roads leading to mainstream tourist products). Previously excluded, from benefiting from tourists virtually passing by their back- and front doors, they have high potential to develop a tourist attraction with economic growth potential in the township communities.

4. Assist children, youth and adult individuals who face poverty,live on low income, hunger, and lack of access to hygiene, medical help, and care to develop to their potential.

5. Empowerment of the Kamammas and young girls to develop healthy physical -and strong emotional cor, self esteem, confidence, positivism, self worth and appreciation of their potential to lead, reduce stress; address high teenage pregnancies, lack of confidence and to grow to their full potential as women. This will also contribute to eliminate the health impacts of stress of every day life, manifesting themselves in a host of medical conditions (KickUp Kamammas).

6. Reducing the negative impact of waste in the township communities on the health, the environment and the tourist service product in the Dreamcatcher Kamamma communities, the following two projects regarding the environment:

6.1 turning the rubbish into a resource to spearhead entrepreneurial, job creation projects and youth educational programmes (Rubbish to Resource – Worth more than a Beer and a Loaf of Bread).
6.2 Harnessing the sun, install solary geysers to address high power costs and environmental impact of energy consumption; introducing water saving and food waste composting.

7. To save on high transport costs of Kamammas and Kids to attend training and increase dependency on public transport, acquire a vehicle for the Home Office.