Health and Wellness – Kicking Stress for Success at Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher entrepreneurs and 2 business entrepreneurs from Stilbaai and Mauritius respectively attended a Stress Management Workshop offered by Stress Management specialist Carole Spiers from the United Kingdom to start up the brand new 2018 year at the Dreamcatcher Office, headquartered in Melkhoutfontein, South Africa.

Health and Wellness are cornerstones of the Dreamcatcher Foundation’s ongoing commitment to place a high premium on mental – and phyical wellness of entrepreneurs, youth and community leaders involved in the Dreamcatcher projects where the primary goal is the improvement of quality of life through socio-economic and entrepreneurial projects. These are projects where locals in the community take the lead to re-define their future through enterprise and job creation at local level.

Carole Spiers is a well-known team player at Dreamcatcher, where she has been involved in skills transfer and mentoring of the Dreamcatcher Entrepreneurs and Youth for over a decade. Photographer, Videographer and journalist Michael Halpern, also from the UK, did stirling work once again to ensure that this momentous day, which all who attended hailed a brilliant success, was recorded.