University of Hasselt – Solution focused change management training

Solution focused change management training for the ‘kamammas’ & ‘bhutis’ of the Dreamcatcher Foundation in South Africa by Prof.dr. Hilda Martens of Hasselt University, Belgium

Working with the Dreamcatcher Foundation, I engaged the local community entreprepreeurs and gave 4 workshops in solution focused change management in Kayamandi, Stilbaai, Oudtshoorn and Knysna between 14 and 28 June 2009 to the kamamma’s & bhuti’s. The aim of the training entailed the following:

  • How to be successful in the changes they want as an individual, as a group and as the Dreamcatcher organisation; how to make changes happen and how to set steps forward in their own business.
  • How can they help and support each other in doing business?
  • How can they use and give support to make Dreamcatcher even stronger and better?

These workshops took place in the Homestay of one of the kamamma’s, and were attended by 6 to 4 persons and took about 2 to 4 hours to complete depending on the dynamics. We used their own practical examples and worked additionally on their own questions and projects, ending up with the aspiring entrepreneurs making a plan and advice to themselves.

Besides these workshops in different communities Dreamcatcher organized for me in an excellent way some touristic and leisure activities. Both aspects made it unforgettable experiences.

Prof. dr.Hilda Martens
Prof. HRM, Change Management, TQM, managementcompetencies
Business Faculty
Hasselt University
Martelarenlaan 42, 3500 Hasselt

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