Homestay – George – Lenie and Bettie Wildemans

Hosts at homestay - George - Lenie and Bettie Wildemans

Expect to have fun with this family!

The charming Lenie (Magdalena) Wildemans, who recently lost her soul mate and sister Betty, whose dream it was to meet visitors and offer her food, culture and sense of community with her): looks forward to turning your everyday visit to one filled with fun, laughter and scrummy food at her Homestay BonLeBeth. Scrumptious food and traditional delights for tea are the order of the day at this homestay ! Lenie, takes spride in decorating their humble, quirkey and interesting home with pillows, duvets, table cloths, curtains and mats which they have made from recycled textiles and items.

Kamamma Lenie is carrying on the legacy of sister Betty, and continues to be much involved in helping out in their community where ever she can by offering offered a safe haven for children at risk to enjoy a home cooked meal, creating an environment where they can attend to their school and homework; bake for their local chartieis and mend and sew clothing for those in need.

Number of Rooms: One twin with shared bathroom. Currently undergoing further upgrades.

Homestay - George - Lenie and Bettie Wildemans