Kaymandi Stellenbosch

Kayamandi StellenboschAccessible from the N.1 and N.2 Highways not far from Cape Town, Stellenbosch is the second oldest (established in 1679) and also one of the richest towns in South Africa. Famous for its wines, historical buildings, oak lined streets and university. The area has a lot of  Cape Dutch architecture and is hemmed in by stunning vistas of undulating viticulture covered hills, it is also home to the Kayamani Township where the Dreamcatcher Kamammas are to be found. Numerous wine estates and cellars can be visited in the immediate vicinity of which “Murati close to the Kamammas in Kayamandi,” the oldest wine estate in the area. Hiking trails abound at Jonkershoek and Assegaai Nature Reserves.

Though the town and area became super rich and prosperous due to it being in the centre of the Great Cape Wine lands, the benefits of the over a million tourists who visit the region, have not spilled over to the township of Xhosa speaking community of over 6500 residents in Kayamandi. The township is predominantly a Xhosa (and English/Afrikaans) speaking community. It is the perfect place for a visitor to complete their tour of the wine estates as many of the ancestors of the community of Kayamandi toiled as labourers in the many wine estates and wineries flanking the community, as though living in a built up area, their strong cultural practices and lifestyle very much dominate every day life.

Dreamcatcher has four Homestays currently registered in Kayamandi, though a few more were inducted and trained into tourism who have since either ceased to offer Homestays due to family circumstances, ill health or developed into strong individual entrepreneurs who function outside the ethos of Dreamcatcher. The four registered Dreamcatcher Homestayss Kamammas (Esma, Evelyn, Julia and Pauline), offer heartwarming encounters with the local community where their comfortable homestays are to be found and home cooking and local treats are the order of the day. They are closely involved in the community on a day to day basis which ranges from assisting to develop programs for children to stay off the streets after school, to a local creche and primary school and church or other cultural projects. Dreamcatcher has three community projects where visitors can engage with the locals via our Dreamcatcher Kamamma Esma who is very active in the community.

Homestays in Kayamandi Stellenbosch

Cook-ups in Kayamandi Stellenbosch