RiversdaleRiversdale is situated on the N.2 between Heidelberg and Albertinia enroute to Mosselbay. Surrounded by stunning mountain vistas and home to the Sleeping Beauty mountain peak, Riversdale is in the centre of the floral kingdom known as Eden Route. Many floral species are picked and exported to countries around the world from here. Together with neighbouring towns of Stilbaai, Heidelberg and Albertinia, this is the area in the Garden Route where rare botanical species are abound in beautiful laid back environments, unhurried and not affected by city life. An annual or bi-annual flower show bears testament to the splendid natural flora.

Riversdale is also a favourite destination for outdoor, adventure, nature enthusiasts and historians. Various historical landmarks and talented artists abound here. Experience authentic farm life and country cuisine or enjoy the town centre with a fine selection of shops, services and sporting amenities. Embark on exciting mountain adventures in fynbos paradise by abseiling, rock climbing, hiking, 4×4 trails, bird watching or for some flower picking, where the rare “Blushing Bride” specie is to be found. Discover the stunning Sleeping Beauty and Kristalkloof hiking trails or sit back and enjoy the charm, culture and true country hospitality Riversdale has to offer.

Dreamcatcher experiences in Riversdale

Dreamcatcher has one Homestays in Risversdale currently as the two other Kamammas had to withdraw due to illness and family circumstances. Homestay Kamamma Andelene is also a member of the Board of the Dreamcatcher Foundation and is a respected member of her community where she continues to be involved in local projects. Your comfortable homestay is set against stunning scenic mountain views and home cooking and local treats are the order of the day. Dreamcatcher has three community projects where visitors can engage with the locals via our Dreamcatcher Kamamma.