Soweto_soccer_citySoweto is situated in Johannesburg and derives its name from SO (south)WE (western) TO (townships). Largest township in South Africa it is home to millions of people. Situated close to our Kamamma Homestays is the Apartheid Museum, Hector Pietersen Memorial and Vilikazi Street where Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Tutu lived and where Winnie Mandela still lives to this day

Known as the City of Gold (Egoli), Johannesburg is characterised by large suburbs which flank the city centre and where Constitutional Hill is to be found. It is also possible to visit the World Heritage Site – The Cradle of Mankind close to Johannesburg. A vibrant melting pot of diverse cultures, some of whom flock from neighbouring states, Johannesburg is a shopping, music, arts and manufacturing mecca and can be viewed as the Capital destination in terms of the economy for all countries in Southern Africa (SADAC countries). Pretoria, the Executive Political capital is within an hours drive from Johannesburg.

Besides a multitude of individual shops and a large mall, Soweto boasts a state of the art football stadium, fondly referred to as “The doughnut”, due to its specific architechtural design. It is here where the 2010 World Football Cup took place as first kick off, opening and closing function of this mega event. Sadly not many sustainable benefits in terms of tourism services evolved down to the Kamammas and tourist service providers in Soweto: yet they proudly recall the day when the eyes of the world were on “their Soweto!”. By way of continuous inclusion of this “must see” destination and working with our partners in sustainable tourism, we are ensuring that Soweto, with its incredible political history and viby people are given pominence on a visit to Johannesbuerg on our Dreamcatcher routes, to ensure people linger here to stay over, instead of bussing through the “must see” items on the tourist itineraries. We are seeing our Kamammas and the entrepreneurs business grow and all who visit Soweto, wish to return to discover more.

Dreamcatcher has two Homestays in Soweto. Both Dudu and Mamule live in the community where their comfortable homestays are to be found and home from home cooking, local treats and the vibe of Soweto can be taken in. Dudu and Mamule are both closely involved in the community on a day to day basis which ranges from church projects, youth football/sports, centre for those youth whose parents are HIV/Aids positive or ill and have to fend for themselves, care centre for physically challenged children. Dreamcatcher has 4 community projects where visitors can engage via our Dreamcatchers with the locals.

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