StilbaaiKnown as the “Bay of Sleeping Beauty”, Stilbaai is one of the preferred seaside holiday resorts in South Africa. It’s famous for its scenic beauty and ancient history. Situated in the greater Garden Route region, known as “Eden” , 26 kilometer off the N.2 Highway, between Riversdale and Albertinia, Stilbaai is also home to some of the most significant archaeological findings in the world. The warm Indian Ocean washes onto unspoilt white sandy beaches on both sides of the navigable Goukou River natural home to a multitude of land, estuary and marine based bird -and marine life. Two of the most rare tortoise specie in the world can be found in Stilbaai. Offering a wide range unique shops, sporting amenities, seasonal whale watching, Stilbaai and adjacent Melkhoutfontein, embrace flower filled dunes in Spring. Small wonder that ancient nations settled here to sustain themselves on the richly endowed natural habitat.

Epicenter of ancient historical and cultural heritage, Stilbaai boasts many nature reserves and a quality of life unsurpassed. The ancient fish traps (see photo) are a constant reminder that this pristine area is home to one of the most important archaeological discoveries of ancient community life dating back over 70 000 years and thus an important heritage site in its entirety. (See the wikipedia page on Blombos Cave). The ancient relics from this cave, are to be viewed at the local tourism bureau which is housed in a proclaimed national monument, Palinggat (Eel foundation), where to this day, tame eels are fed.

StilbaaiIt is here where the founder of Dreamcatcher pioneered what is today known as authentic community based tourist experiences. Melkhoutfontein, situated a few miles from Stiilbaai is home to the Dreamcatcher Home Office where the staff live and work amongst the local community and spearhead community development programmes country wide, which have rearned Dreamcatcher international recognition. The benefits of tourism from the tens of thousands of annual visitors to Stilbaai had not evolved naturally nor dit it create tourism entrepreneurship opportunities in this impoverished part of the town: so starting out in 1986 from humble beginnings in a then turbulent “Apartheid era”, the founder of Dreamcatcher initiated what is today known as the Blue Print of community based development and tourism in South Africa: recognised world wide as offering a ground breaking new way and alternative truly “responsible” responsible tourism.

Dreamcatcher experiences in Stilbaai

There are three Dreamcatcher Homestays and an additional two are currently in development process. Due to the unique environment and access to local produce, visitors can enjoy home from home food and a menu full of fun and laughter. Dreamcatcher Kamammas are heavily involved in their local community in a multitude of local projects impacting positively on the quality of community life.

Cook-ups with Kamamma