UpingtonUpington is part of the Great Kalahari (Kgalagadi) region and is situated on the N.14 highway, which branches out from the N.7 from Cape Town. Situated in the Northern Cape Province, it is close to the border with Namibia. Bringing ‘green’ to the Kalahari is the task of the mighty Orange River, and Upington nestles on its banks. In 1883 a missionary began to build the Upington canal to make these waters available for agriculture. The river with its green banks now meanders through the dry Kalahari plains and its waters are a major source of income for local farmers and the reason for the tasty Orange River’s wines, grapes, sultanas and fruit.

Nowadays the town functions as the unofficial capital of the Kalahari, which provides infrastructure for the entire region and is host to the annual Kalahari Kuierfees (festival) and Agricultural Expo. Upington is proud to have the only donkey monument, longest runway and longest palm lined street in the Southern Hemisphere. The “Wonderwerk” caves near Daniëlskuil show evidence of human presence in this region dating 800,000 years ago. Today the people of the Green Kalahari are a colourful mixture of cultures with descendents of San, Tswana, Korana, Nama and Dorslandtrekkers (pioneers).

Upington has hot summers (30-40 C) and mild winters although night temperatures may drop below freezing point. It is the gateway to major tourism attractions like the Kgalaghadi Transfrontier Park, Augrabies National Park and Witsand Nature Reserve.

Dreamcatcher experiences in Upington

Dreamcatcher has one Homestay in Upington. We tragically lost our other Kamamma in a motor car accident recently. Our Homestay Ellen (Kamamma) is in the community where her comfortable homestays is to be found. Ellen and her husband are closely involved in the community, where Ellen works as a volunteer weekly at the excellent Oasis Centre for physically challenged youth and those with learning challenges, who, if not assisted in day to day lifeskills, could find themselves on the streets in the community. Dreamcatcher has three community projects in Upington where visitors can engage via our Dreamcatcher Kamamma with the locals.