WorcesterWorcester is situated on Route 62 and is a 50 minute drive from Cape Town city. It is known as the capital of the Breede River Valley and one of the three largest fruit and wine producing valleys in the country. The famous Route 62 is part of the Greater Cape Wine lands region. Worcester also houses the KWV Brandy cellar, the largest of its kind in the world. Places of interest include the Karoo National Botanical Garden, Kleinplasie Open-air Pioneer living Farming Museum, the Afrikaaner museum the Worcester Wine Route, and stunning hiking and 4 x 4 vehicle routes and wildlife and botanical reserves.

Worcester is also home to the School for visually and hearing Impaired and has developed world re-knowned skills to assist the many learners who come from all over the country. Do not thus be surprised to hear the traffic lights alert you when to cross and when not to!

Dreamcatcher has two Homestays in Worcester. Both Homestay Devine and Homestay Ina live in the community where their comfortable homestays are to be found. They are both closely involved in the community on a day to day basis which ranges from supplying meals to senior citizens and the homeless, to local schools, school for children with Faetal Alcohol Syndrome, Youth at risk centres and general community involvement.. Dreamcatcher has five community projects where visitors can engage with the locals.