Booking process of traveling with Dreamcatcher

What to expect and what to do next if you want to book or travel with us and to ensure your experience is hassle free.

Dreamcatcher has a central booking and reservations office. We book your Kamamma + Bhuti experience directly for you. Working across South Africa, it is fair to say that we know this diverse land “inside out” and are thus in the position to offer you a professional and reliable service. Besides memorable community based experiences, our strength is that we can offer visitors advice and recommendations on the rewarding travel routes, accommodations and service providers who ensure you don’t miss out on your holiday. We tend to include a variety of accommodations, which are an experience in their own right rather than just another hotel bed, which could be any hotel bed anywhere in the world.

We can work with you to develop and arrange your entire travel programme around South Africa. We work with reliable service providers who we have assisted to grow over the years and you will be supporting local tourism businesses who invest their income back into their communities. An added benefit to consider is that all the services we recommend endorse Dreamcatcher’s ethos which supports the Code of Ethics of the Global Community Tourist Network in terms of responsible travel..

Step 1: Information

Your exciting, fun holiday experience starts here! By completing and sending us the information document provided, you have taken the first step to help us to help you. We respond personally to your information requests, provide suggestions and supply the costs for consideration. No matter how many questions you may have, we are there to support you to make the right choices. We want you to enjoy the real South Africa.

Step 2: Checking

On receipt of a response from you, we check on availability and make a provisional booking. We communicate the outcome to you with the final costs, what is -included and excluded. Up to this point there is no cost or commitment by yourself or Dreamcatcher.

Step 3: Confirmation

On receipt of your confirmation in writing, we will develop your final programme, confirm your booking and generate an invoice for payment. This invoice is paid to Dreamcatcher.

Step 4: Payment

Payment confirmation details are sent to our administration office by yourselves.

Step 5: Finalization

On receipt of your payment confirmation, we finalise all operational details and send your final programme confirmation, which includes instructions on how to get to your destination, who will be there to meet you and full contact details of your service and our office staff handling your booking. We also supply you with our terms and conditions and travel tips to prepare and enhance your trip.