Alternative Cape winelands tour – Swartland

Cook-up Swartland Wlands BabyLOmedres“A Taste of Local Reality” is a full day tour developed by Dreamcatcher with the local communities and the community based tourism service providers in the greater Cape Winelands to the West and North of Cape Town. Blessed with 15 meso-climates and covering over 800 kilometers east and west of Cape Town, visitors are spoiled for choice and often miss a chance to experience what is truly out there! Our tour offers an alternative to the usual tour of a different part of Cape Winelands. Do not miss the chance to discover this beautiful area with its breathtaking vistas, fun, local encounters, food and tasting of award winning wines, and rare insight into the culture, lifestyle and history of this diverse and richly endowed region where people live close to nature.

The San-guided experience provides a visit to Ikwattu working Bushman s produced locally. We make a point of supporting wine estates where fair labour practice is assured and we offer a refreshing perspective, understanding and insight into the development of this stunning-region of South Africa. Driving through this area where you breathe in crisp fresh air and leave the bustle of the city behind you. En route you visit the ancient fossil site, a reminder of prehistoric life on the verdant plains.

In keeping with our mission to make Nelson Mandela’s dream for a “better life for his people, when he delivered his speech on the steps of the Cape Town Hall not far away, work, we ensure that the benefits of the many tourists who visit the winelands are accessed by the local community entrepreneurs, whilst simultaneously exposing the discerning visitor to a new winelands experience they never new existed.

We invite you to join us to discover a new winelands full of exciting encounters. Welcome!

What does the tour involve?

Swartland PanoramicAt 8:45 Am. Depart to drive up the scenic route along the West Coast (R27) to Yzerfontein then on to Hopefield and soon arrive at the Fossil sites at Hopefield. This is your chance to view this site, graphically exposing the relics of ancient animals who roamed this verdant region..

11.00 AM Depart for Grootepost (R 307) for wine tasting at Groote Post, which is an historic 18th century farm on the Cape’s West Coast where winemaking traditions have been revived by the Pentz family. Unique aspects and cool climatic conditions of the Darling Hills yield superlative fruit. Their wines are produced to reflect the uniqueness of the vineyards.

After wetting your palette, depart for Darling (R315) where you will meet the happy and charming Dreamcatcher Cook-up with Kamamma matriarchs for your immersion into the lifestyle and culture of the community where Kamamma lives. The Dreamcatcher Kamamma will share the lifestyle and traditions of the so named “coloured “West Coast people and their family and you will enjoy cooking an item or two for your colourful and hearty South African traditional meal. This is a fun and participative experience, stripped of ‘staged’ cultural experiences.

This experience is stripped of ‘staged culture” and offers a true “Taste of local Reality”. It is real and heart warming experience for the adventurous and socially discerning visitor and family traveler. The Dreamcatcher Kamamma shares her lifestyle and traditions of the women in her community and culture in an authentic home based setting.

During the Cook Up lunch your Dreamcatcher Kamamma Baby, will take you through the stages of one or two menu items and you can try your hand at preparing your meal with her. Baby has an infectious smile and her humorous nature is typical of the West Coast locals. You may meet some of our other Darling Kamamma’s and if they do show up, prepare yourself for a lot of laughter. One of her menu items: hang over sauce, is appropriate after your wine tasting!

Learn fist hand from Baby about her advance and that of her husband, from humble RDP house, to improvements over a period of time to where she is today the proud owner of their own micro tourism business.. Experience her “reality”, pride and commitment to move forward and use her talents and love for food and people and hospitable culture, to work towards a new tomorrow for herself, her family and involvement in her community.

(Optional) You may choose to visit iKwattu!

Fossils and children2:00 pm sharp you will start your discovery journey of the indigenous San (Bushmen) people at !Khwattu, the San culture and education centre. This fascinating insight into the culture, heritage, knowledge and modern-day life of the San of southern Africa entails accompanying a group of our qualified San guides, who will lead you through a truly exceptional experience. During a three-hour tour the San will demonstrate their skills, share their ancient knowledge about oral history, tracking animals and identifying plants with you. They will also teach you words in some of their languages and enlighten you about recent achievements in obtaining their rights to land and intellectual property.

The San-guided experience provides a unique opportunity for you to listen to accurate accounts of the past and present lives of the San.

3;30 or /5:00 PM Departure back to Cape Town (via R307/R304/N7). When you take your leave and drive back to Cape Town you will be greeted by stunning views on your return and reflect on the beauty and fun, informative day you have experienced.

You will not only have seen nature today: you have discovered the generous and patient nature and also the cultures of the indigenous people who live and survive in this beautiful greater wine lands area. MOST importantly, you are contributing directly to the future quality of life and future of the Kamamma, her children and community. You are walking the talking!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity of introducing you to the Kamamma’s and Bhuti’s of the real Greater Cape Wine lands region.


  • Experienced and registered tour guides
  • Pick up and drop off at your accommodations (assuming that this is in Cape Town)
  • Well-known and respected Dreamcatcher Community Kamamma who will join your guide and take you on a walk around the community
  • Wine tasting in stunning environs
  • Cook-Up Kamamma lunch
  • Visit to the Fossil site
  • Learn about the Waste Coast indigenous culture and traditional food
  • Soft drinks and/or traditional ginger beer
  • Entrances


  • Alcohol – Please note that no Dreamcatcher services are licensed for the sale of alcohol. In the event clients wish to enjoy wine or beer they must purchase this en route where you are tasting wine or at licensed suppliers. We can provide chilling facilities if needed.
  • VAT and mandatory levies: We are VAT registered and accountable to the South African Revenue services. Please add 14% for vat. These costs are indicated separately on invoices.

Time and duration of the tour

  • Start 09:15 am and ends at 4:00 pm without iKwattu Bushmen/San visit
  • Start 08:45 am and ends at 5:00.5:30 if you include a visit iKwattu Bushmen/San


All quoted rates are per person and we have a minimum number of 2 persons per booking.

  • ZAR 1.695 per person – Exclusive of VAT & Tourism levies of 15%.
  • Children 12 years and younger: Half price.
  • If the visit to the Bushmen/San is included: Add R240 for an adult and R120 children under 12 years
  • You can purchase a unique Cook-up with Kamamma apron if in stock or you can order one ahead of your visit at ZAR 160 per apron.


Our experiences are ideal and conducive to individual, family and small group travel of up to 10 people. Small group rates of no more than 14 persons can be accommodated. A larger group will be split between the 2 Kamammas. With due cogniscence to the impact of groups of more than 14 on community life, and accompanied by the fact that the quality of the experience, which is authentic local contact, could be compromised, Dreamcatcher does not offer Cook-up with Kamamma to groups of larger than 14 persons unless special arrangements are made where we will split the group up between two Cook-up with Kamamma venues in the same town.