Community Walkabout with Kamamma and Bhuti

Walkabout Bhuti Yellow and volunteerOn this unique experience, guests are welcomed and “inducted” into the community. Accompanied by our Local Dreamcatcher site mentor, a member of the family or trusted local, visitors are invited to walk about the community.

Unpretentious and stripped of staged -and manipulated cultural experiences, walkabout encounters are based on the “university of local life”: much more than knowledge acquired by books, specialized training or certificates. It is life as lived in the communities across South Africa every day.

Visitors get a “behind-the-scenes” look into the heartbeat and mindset of that particular community and can expect to meet up with various members of the community; meet the children and youth; be rewarded with a cheeky smile or local quip; hear first hand what makes the community tick; learn about yesterday and share their outlook for their future and tomorrows.

For the many locals, who had never engaged with tourists where they lived before: they get the chance to present their community, develop pride, confidence and feeling recognised.

Locals know so much more about their communities, which evolve every day. We have found that these informal community encounters offered the potential for many of our successful Kamamma’s to take their first steps towards a future career in tourism, bringing in much needed money to circulate in their own communities.

For everyone involved, the Dreamcatcher Walkabout with Kamamma and Bhuti experience is rewarding and down right heart warming, as they finally discover: Shamina – Shawena, Tourism. (Tourism is Mine its Yours).

What is involved?

Visitors join their guide, driver or those driving themselves, walk about the community when they are either on a Cook-up with Kamamma experience or staying over at a Dreamcatcher Homestay with Kamamma In one of the many towns on the travel routes around South Africa. Your choice to do this is communicated to our Home Office. We work with the locals every day.

What can the visitor expect?

The Kamamma’s and Bhuti’s add great value to a travel experience and a rare chance to find insight and new perspectives. A number of different community walkabout experiences can be arranged, offering the visitor the chance to meet and engage many different cultures. One can even step into the local shop on the corner as you pass to buy a something and so support the local enterprises.

Walking past local community beacons of activity, the lifestyle unfolds and offer the chance to come away informed, share who they are, their own culture and be enamored by the vibe, funny, friendly and down right, sometimes rowdy honesty of the locals who will be touched that tourists care to meet them. You can even be invited to attend a local football match and shout for the home crowd!

How to Walkabout with Kamamma or Bhuti

Please indicate this to your travel agent, tour facilitator or request this directly to our Home Office on your information sheet on this website. We will do the rest. Its what we do best: connect you with the locals – the custodians of the land.

Where are the Community walks available?

Walkabout sea shoreWalkabout running