Dreamcatcher is Trending up Trash: Arts and Crafting with Sisi & Boeti

Crafting with Sisi and Boeti, is our community based arts and crafting project initiative spearheaded to enable communities to work together to turn waste into creative enterprises. Visitors have the chance to meet, buy directly from the crafters and to view how the enterprises are making in their own communities or environment. It is also a learning experience, as the crafters are working together with partners in design to produce cool and trendy products, offering visitors the chance learn what inspires the crafting of a specific item and find the context which motivates the designs crafters and to develop their business skills.

The duplicable initiative, aptly named ‘Waste is Mine – it’s Yours’, is empowering crafters, who have signed up in the community of Melkhoutfontein, Hessequa on the Garden Route, to ‘Trend up their Trash‘ by turning it into a resource to sustain themselves. They are simultaneously contributing to the environment by eradicating the invader alien species, adding value to waste and the invader wood specie through their making skills and vitally growing in business skills to sustain themselves.

Visitors can soon experience first-hand the impact of our new craft and design project, when they visit the Wasteland – Graced Land project in Melkhoutfontein, South Africa. Waste is Mine its Yours, is now recognised as a workable model of social and creative enterprise to share wider afield. Working in partnership with the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom, our pioneering project has developed the blueprint for the crafts and products and are in the process of learning to develop crafts and the skills necessary to manufacture crafts from waste and other local materials. The project, now recognised as blueprint for sustainable enterprise development, also uses the invader plant species ‘Acacia Cyclops’ in the designs.

Complementing this flagship visitor experiences, are CookUp -and Homestays with Kamamma food and accommodation services, which developed into rewarding local community based branded, food and lifestyle experiences over the past 15 years. Women interested in sewing and working with textiles, also signed up to join the crafters. They are also in the process of training to produce bespoke aprons, table ware and other trendy household items. Soon the trendy aprons will be making their way into kitchens across the world.

As the wave of discerning visitors and consumers, interested in ensuring that the lion’s share of the price of the products contribute to the sustenance, grow to support and buy crafts produced to improve local livelihoods, so too do their feelings of enabling grow (as shared with us) that they leave with feelings of satisfaction that they have contributed tangibly to support and take away a craft which has been made in the area they visit, enabling the enterprises to grow and strengthen themselves and their local township communities. Together we build stronger communities and quality of life. The ‘Waste its Mine – it’s Yours enterprises are committed to improve their lives and that of their children and community, one craft at a time. It is possible!

Where can I go Crafting with Bhuti and Sisi?

‘Go Truly Local’ – Add the Wasteland – Graced Land crafting experience to your next travel itinerary!

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