Tour operator – Abang Africa Travel

Abang Africa Travel logoAbang Africa Travel & Trust is your specialized sustainable tourism company based in Cape Town. Our mission is : “To use Responsible Tourism as a Sustainable Development tool for the people in Southern Africa; benefiting local communities and visitors, through sharing and mutual understanding, empowerment and sustainable partnerships.”

Abang combines holidays with true local, cultural experiences ensuring your clients have an unforgettable and sustainable pure African experience. Learning to cook traditional African food, experiencing local South African life and making new local South African friends, it is all possible with Dreamcatcher. Our travellers have never been disappointed when booked on a proudly South African Dreamcatcher experience and that is why we love to work together. Besides this Dreamcatchers long-term commitment to responsible tourism is fully in line with the philosophy of Abang Africa Travel and therefore we are looking forward to remain to be working together in future.

Abang Africa also operates in Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Victoria Falls and Mozambique. All accommodation, excursions, operators, projects and itineraries are carefully selected following our Responsible Tourism Policy, ensuring that the people whose land and knowledge are used, benefit from tourism. We organize fly drives, bus tours, excursions, incentives and meet & greets in a pure, unique and sustainable manner. As a proud Fair Trade in Tourism approved organisation we believe tourism should not only benefit visitors, but the destination too.

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