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If you can dream it, we can realize it. Modules make your dream come true.

Live2RoamHaving worked for over 20 years in the travel industry we found most companies talk about themselves and what they offer – not about what you want. True, there are people listening to you, but they offer very expensive tailor-made incentives. So we got together with our partners in South Africa and decided to LISTEN. To make a company that asks what YOU want, what YOU dream about. You have dreams about Africa. We want these to come true, but without the costs involved in made-to-measure programs. We solved this by making a whole host of modules from which you can choose, add and discard – and this way YOU build YOUR dream. It’s a bit like Lego: you build your own dream from all the different building block (the modules). But it’s a bit different too: the modules are not fixed – they are flexible, they can all be customized!

That is correct, you are not stuck with fixed programs. Everyone has a different dream, so after you selected your modules, you can tell us your wishes, tell us if you want something changed. Maybe you want something longer, shorter, a bit different? Tell us. Once you are satisfied with what you want, you send it all to us. We customize your tour, add car hire and/or domestic flights where you want them. We also look if your modules will work together – and if not, get back to you with alternative proposals. We might suggest you add an extra transfer or an overnight to make it work. Then we send the itinerary back for you to see if it is what YOU want – if not, we keep tweaking it till you are satisfied. If so, then, and only then, you decide to book. To realize your African dream.

For a different experience

Do you have the feeling everyone is offering the same? That all tours are clones of each other? We do. And we don’t like that. We want to offer you the experience of a lifetime, not a weak copy of that. So in most of our modules you will find something weird, something wacky, something off the beaten track. Without forgetting to show you the highlights. Whether it is staying in a private game reserve where you do a walking safari, going on a mountain bike tour or canoeing where others drive by, we offer you something different. Something for the road less traveled. Something for you.

Modules make it affordable

Tailor-made tours, made-to-measure holidays: whatever name you give it, they are expensive – because you pay for the time spend to make each individual tour. And a package tour is cheap, but offers always the same middle of the road experience, not the realization of your African dream. This is where we come in.

We offer you an experience, not a hotel

We believe that what you see, what you hear, what you touch and what you smell is what makes your South Africa holiday a dream come true – not how your hotel looks. In other words, we are not a hotel booking site but a site where you choose your own experience. Where you sleep can add to your experience, but it is not the base nor the end-all.

By travelers, for travelers

Berna van RooijenWe are travelers ourselves and know what makes traveling so much fun. We choose the scenic roads, not the main roads. We know how to make the best itineraries and how to incorporate those special spots most tourists miss. Our modules have an extra twist you won’t find with most others. You don’t get any old hotel, but a memorable experience that adds value to your holiday.


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