Travel reference – Carrolle Devonish

Discovering South Africa and its people with Dreamcatcher

Carrolle DevonishFor those traveling to South Africa, Dreamcatcher is really a dream. The first time I traveled with Dreamcatcher was a 2005 trip sponsored by the Ford Foundation.  I was hooked by South Africa and by the resources and support provided by Dreamcatcher.

I have since organized four trips to South Africa with Dreamcatcher with another planned for 2014. Dreamcatcher has enabled me, and the friends and colleagues who travel to South Africa with me, to see South Africa through the eyes of local guides, community leaders, artists and entrepreneurs.  In addition, Dreamcatcher has guided our trips in highlighting special events and places to see and do while in the country.  They have helped us find gems to explore during our visits.

What makes our involvement with Dreamcatcher most special is their commitment to bring local residents into the tourism industry. The emphasis on working and employing those who in past have not been part of tourism, especially women, is a strong element of Dreamcatcher’s work.  Skills training, the creation of business opportunities and the development of support networks for local women have all been a part of this very special travel organization.

Pairing us with local guides and enabling us to meet and interact in township communities enables visitors to feel and touch South Africa in a very special way.  Lunch with women and families who open their homes to us has added a wonderful element to our travels.

We have seen a different South Africa through the eyes of local citizens who talked and laughed with us as we have made our way across the country. The Dreamcatcher experience has been a wonderful part of traveling to South Africa.

Carrolle Perry Devonish
Anguilla, BWI