Travel reference – Lynne and David

Lynne and David, Bedford, 17th of May 2013

Lynne and David - Cook-up with KamammaAlthough this was a trip of a life time it was far from our comfort zone so we were excited and apprehensive. Getting near the departure date, we didn’t want to think anymore but just get on with it. Everything was so well organised (apart from the weather) by Dreamcatcher, that the holiday went like a dream. Although a little prepared by TV etc., of what we would encounter, reality was another matter. We saw some dramatic views, encountered extreme living conditions which at times was difficult to understand that this still happens in this world. However the memory that will stay with us for ever (a few tears here!), are the amazing people we met and stayed with, the wonderful food they provided and the hours of laughter from people who have so little themselves, yet are without hesitation prepared to help others in their community and beyond.

Hopefully we will be back!
Lynne and David, Bedford, United Kingdom. 17th May 2013.

Lynne and David - Stilbaai

Lynne and David - Elephants in South Africa