Travel reference – Rutters family

Reference_Rutters_familyWe had a very good stay at Dreamcatchers Homestay with Dudu in Soweto. Soweto impressed us deeply. The difference between our rich country and the relative poor Soweto is immense. Nevertheless we were welcomed very warmly by Kammama Dudu, where we stayed for two nights, and also the people we met on our Soweto bike tour were very kind and hospitable as well. It was heartwarming and it really felt like it was our second home. Especially the children in Soweto were very curious because of our different appearance.

The hospitality of Dudu and all her family members was wonderfull. Sipho, the taxidriver, picked us up at the Avis point and brought us to Dudu’s homestay. We had a good and cosy lunch and after it we did the biketour in Soweto: very interisting to see the way people in the Soweto area are living, we even drunk a typical beer! And we noticed that people were happy to see tourists, not only the children, also the older ones appreciated the growing good contact between black and white people. I would recomment this tour to everybody who wants to get a better look of soweto.

The bedrooms and bathrooms were fine, they even gave us a key of the rooms, for a safe feeling. The day after, Sipho was our chauffeur and brought us to different places like Kliptown (where a guide showed us the most special things), the Mandela house, Hector Pieterson Museum and the Apartheid Museum. It became a day with mixed emotions, because of the history of violence.

I would recomment this stay via the Dreamcatcher South Africa in Soweto to everybody who is visiting Johannesburg.