Travel reference – Hans Mooren

Hans_MoorenWe had great experiences organised by Dreamcatcher In South Africa! We can recommand this to everyone who likes to look a little bit further than the ususal touristic spots We combined sight seeing with meeting the people and also did a “work and play” part for a few days whereby we volunteered in the community.

We had Dramcatcher Cook-up experineces in different regions: one in Kayamandi just outside of Stellenbosch. Everybody who visits Stellenbosch should have that kind of experience to meet the people of Kayamandi. Kamamma Swartbooi and her family and also the other Dreamcatcher kamammas mean a lot in the communities. They bring hope and confidence and business into their communities and also thus create jobs and the money circulates at grass roots. But! they gave us the visitors a very nice experience, besides meeeting the locals one is invited into ther house and cook-up together with and prepare one of the local dishes from scratch. We also had Cook-up experiences in Darling and Stilbaai.

Coby_Mooren_cookingAnother great experience, besiides being able to go on sight seeing trips to see what many on bus tours miss, is to stay over at a Dreamcatcher Homestay. We stayed over in Darling on the Swartland wine and floral route. Besides this we also volunteered in the community of Melkhoutfontein where we truly felt at home as we worked among the locals there.

Melkhoutfontein an small community near the coast. We stayed here for a week and every day we had an nice experience with one of the families. Every Dreamcatcher family had organised something for us each day to help them out. We went with the kids to the beach, (who rarely get the chance) we embarked on educational play and even fun on the beach, but at the same time we could enjoy the ancient history of this area by viewing the ancient fish traps .

As a photographer all of this made excellent photo oppertunities. Attending a rugby match in the village was BIG fun! At the other hand strange to see the small town of Stilbaai is just close by where the difference between rich and poor is huge – yet the happiness in the poor but happy community was evident. Till now i was not able to work it out. It made a big impression on us.

But we came under the impression of the importance of the work with the families women, done on a daily basis from their Home Office by Dreamcatcher. They are doing a good job in the communities. They bring work and address poverty and unemployment by assisting the Kamammas to host guests and one also learn about the local culture and way of life in these communities.

We had an wonderfull time in South Africa, via Dreamcatcher, thanks for that!

Hans en Coby Mooren
Amsterdam the Netherlands.