Additional travel information

Arrival point

Cape Town International Airport. Transfers from the airport your accommodation is included in your volunteer fee.

Departure point

Cape Town International Airport or Johannesburg International Airport.
Note: Before you book please laiase with our office to ensure you do not pay unnecessary money or book the wrong flights!
Transfers to the airport after your volunteer period is included in your volunteer fee.

Health, Safety, Immunization /vaccination

Please follow Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) website/guideline for South Africa:
Tap water is safe to drink and infrastructure is of world class standard.
Make a copy of your passport and your flight ticket and carry this in a separate part of your baggage (not your handbag).
Please exercise the same precaution you would living and visiting anywhere in this world today: namely that you are responsible and will not place yourself in harms way by walking alone at night, in secluded places by day and we suggest that you always have a fellow volunteer or your local site mentor or local folk appointed to be with you, with you. Do not wonder off into deserted areas on your own. Move around in a group or with a friend and we suggest a strong bag with a sling to carry around your shoulder to store your purse and camera.


11 official languages. English is most widely spoken.


240 V; 3 point plugs. You will need a voltage converter, and plug adapter in order to use U.S. appliances. We recommend getting a universal adapter and converter kit. Adapters from European to South African plugs are readily available.
The country is currently battling with power shortage, which means we are on scheduled load shedding and power is turned off for a few hours at least three times a week. Please save our energy by:

  • Turn off all unnecessary lights and plugs
  • Do not stand under the shower too long
  • In winter the fan heater should only be kept to warm the room before going to bed and then turned off after half an hour. Hot water bottles are at your disposal.
  • Do not boil a full kettle of water if you only need one cup.


Local time is GMT + 02:00.

Bank, Credit/Debit Card & Shopping

Banking facilities are world class and ATM facilities are offered all over the country – We suggest that you do not carry a lot of cash on you. Travelers cheques and credit cards are readily accepted. Fuel cannot be paid by credit card – cash only.
To start off we suggest you change your first money over to South African currency in the BAGGAGE COLLECTION HALL at the Forex counter at the airport on arrival.
Money can be withdrawn from ATMs using Visa and/or Master Card or Maestro-approved debit/credit cards.
Local bank hours are from 8:30am – 16:00pm; Monday-Friday and 9:00am – 12:00pm; Saturdays.
Shopping and Business Hours
Weekdays: 09h00 – 17h00; Saturdays/Sundays: 09h00- 13h00.
In South Africa, major businesses and banks are closed on Saturday afternoon and in some areas also on Sundays.

Address and Tel of your Insurance

Please ensure that you are covered by Travel and Medical Insurance and bring the policy along with you.


The currency in South Africa is the South African Rand.
The US Dollar/GB Pound and Euro has a favourable conversion/exchange rate.
For the most up-to-date information regarding currencies/conversion rates, please go to:

Business days

The business week begins on Monday.

Airport taxes

None (it is included in ticket).

Major hospitals

Medical services equal the best in the world and South Africa offers a large network of local and provincial hospitals throughout the country. If you need medical assistance please contact your local site mentor or ask you homestay hosts.

Tourist information

Health and emergency hotline

Police: 10111 or 112
Fire: 10177 or 112
Ambulance: 10177 or 112