Frequently asked questions about volunteering

We get a lot of questions from the people that volunteer or travel with us. Below are the questions that are being asked more often.

Will I/we be met on arrival? All visitors to the local communities are met on arrival at a pre-determined meeting point by the local Dreamcatcher host we call “Walkabout Kamamma’s and Bhutis”.
How will we make contact? All visitors travelling self-drive or with a guide/driver, are supplied with the mobile number of the local Dreamcatcher. Please text when you are 10 kilometers away.  Your host will come and meet you.
Is it safe in the communities? Dreamcatcher has been involved in all the local communities for over two decades. Our Home Office is situated in one of the communities. We enjoy credibility and local respect. The community looks after our guests. Our local site mentors live in the community.  We are well known for the positive impact we make locally.  Our guests are welcomed and respected. Dreamcatcher, Cook-up with and Homestays with Kamamma are registered trademarks, which empower locals. If a product cannot prove they are legally registered as Dreamcatcher, Cook-up with -and Homestays with Kamamma: it isn’t a guaranteed Dreamcatcher South Africa local community experience.
Is my car or the guide’s vehicle safe and is there parking space? Yes your vehicle is safe and parking will be provided.
Is the water safe to drink? Yes. You can drink the water from the taps in all our communities. You can bring your own bottled water along or you can buy it locally if you are used to drinking bottled water.
Will I have my own room? Yes. All our Dreamcatcher Homestay rooms are prepared for the welcome guest (s) and you have access to bathroom and ablutions of a good standard indoors.
I have special diet or food needs: is this a problem? No your special food or dietary needs are not a problem. Dreamcatcher Kamamma’s are used to preparing a wide range of menu items for diabetics, vegans, and vegetarians etc., which are built into their traditional food. When you book please indicate your special needs and we can try to accommodate them.
Is the food of a good and hygienic standard? Dreamcatcher Kamamma’s buy fresh ingredients locally and your food is prepared especially for you or with you before or on arrival. There is not a tradition of keeping food in the Dreamcatcher communities and everything is thus tastefully fresh every day. Dreamcatcher Kamamma-s and Bhutis compost all food waste to reduce waste to landfill.
Will I/we be left on our own? No. All visitors/guests have their own room in the home occupied by the Kamamma and Bhuti. Guests are accompanied by our Local Dreamcatcher site mentor or a member of the family or trusted friend when they move around the community.
Do they have medical care there? All Dreamcatcher communities are situated within a short driving distance from good medical care.
Can our hosts speak English? All Dreamcatcher Kamamma’s can speak and understand English. Many can also understand basic Dutch if you speak slowly, as Afrikaans is widely spoken in South Africa.
Can we walk around in the communit Yes you can walk around in the community with the Dreamcatcher local site mentor, as they all live in the community. You thus meet the neighbours and local friends.
What about money and donations? Please do not hand out money and donations at random. Dreamcatcher welcomes donations for which we issue an invoice and is banked directly into our Development funds to spend in a responsible manner on projects and needs in the communities of which we are aware. We supply reports and a tracking mechanism so donors to see where their money goes.
Is it safe to carry money around or if I run short is there an ATM? Because you have already paid for all your arrangements before arrival, and your patronage has already been paid over directly into the bank account of each Homestay host, you do not need to travel with a lot of cash. You can pay with a credit card all over South Africa and there are cash withdrawal machines in every Dreamcatcher community/town.
Who owns the Homestay and Cook-up with Kamamma venue? The Kamamma and her family own every Dreamcatcher Homestay and Cook-up Kamamma venue.
What can I /we bring along as a gift? If you wish to bring a gift, though this is not expected: we suggest you bring one which reflects your country. Something useful like a coffee mug with your flag, or icon, or a set of dishcloths or even a t/shirt. Do not bring expensive gifts these should rather be tokens of appreciation and discussion point items to share your culture and lifestyle.
Are there shops locally if we need to buy something needed? Every Dreamcatcher Homestay – and Cook-up with Kamamma venue is situated in a town, which has local shops which carry a wide range of commodities.
Is shampoo, shower gel etc provided? No Dreamcatcher is aware that visitors may prefer their own brands. We also have an ethos of reducing the impact of waste at the Homestay – and Cook-up Kamamma’s. We recommend you bring your own and take it with you to reduce waste in the communities. Thank you for supporting our environmental ethos!
Are towels provided? Yes towels are provided at your Homestay with Kamamma accommodation.
Is there electricity/power? Yes there is electrical power at each Homestay accommodation. We recommend you bring along plug converters to ensure your hair drier etc., plug can be inserted into the power plug system.