Postcard from Alex Pike – United Kingdom

On arriving in Melkhoutfontein, I was immediately greeted by smiling faces and plenty of questions. As an Englishman in a foreign land and the first volunteer to spend time in the community, there were a number of the locals who weren’t quite sure what I was doing there and I have to admit I was a little unsure myself. But after day 1 at Melkhoutfontein primer (primary): a wonderful school full of enthusiastic children and committed and skilled teachers, I was sure my decision to spend a few months volunteering with Dreamcatcher was absolutely the right decision.

From trying out my Afrikaans in lessons and embarrassing myself much more than the children did when they tentatively started to use their English more and more, to spending time in the beautiful village with my new friends, my time volunteering is one I will never forget. The warmth of the families, the smiles of the children, the heat of the African sun and a sense of community the like of which I have never experienced before nor since.

Oh to be back in Melkhoutfontein…….

Alex Pike
United Kingdom