Postcard from Carole Spiers, United Kingdom

January 2016


Carole 2015 NY 2016For the past ten years, I have been proud to have worked alongside the Dreamcatcher Foundation [South Africa] as one of their partners. My regular visits to South Africa have been spent coaching and empowering township entrepreneurs in micro-business skills and working on individual’s personal development. These skills over the years have proved to be sustainable in terms of enabling them to grow their businesses and support their own families.

Mossel Bay

  • Rosie We first met with Rosie ten years ago when she was unable to walk and in desperate need of two hip replacements. Fast forward ten years, due to Dreamcatcher’s intervention and regular coaching support, she has now been able to have two new hip replacement operations and has made a good recovery. Rosie is now ready to build her business in being a Kamamma for Dreamcatcher and start to live her life again.
  • Muriel is only in her 40s but had a stroke and lost confidence in her ability to lead an independent life and head up her household of children and grandchildren. She was always known as Dreamcatcher’s ‘singing bird’ but even her singing became a casualty of her low self-esteem. I have visited Muriel over the past years and worked with her on personal development issues. She has made good progress is now keen to continue her role in Dreamcatcher as a valued Kamamma.
  • Antoinette is a seamstress and has now opened up her own sewing business which is going from strength to strength. She has responded well to Dreamcatcher’s training showing her how to grow her business and the one to one business coaching support she has received from me has enabled her to grow personally as well as professionally.


  • Mary’s House of Hope and Dreams: Mary and David are a dedicated couple who look after 15 abandoned children in their home. Their commitment and tireless dedication to take children off the streets and educate them is a role model to us all. They have created a community of love and support and the children are examples of what is given unconditionally to them. I have been able to support this dedicated couple by providing schoolbooks, beds and clothing for the children.

Carole Spiers
CEO Carole Spiers Group
C-suite Consultant Trainer