Postcard from Chenoa Gachupin – Detroit , United States

Melkhoutfontein, January 2016

Chenoa GachupinVolunteering in the Dreamcatcher communities in South Africa, I experienced personal growth and change within myself as the days went by. Hearing one of the children share in English, a second language, what it means to them and experience them so eagerly and joyfully learn and associate with me, filled me with joy. It meant I had engaged and reached their hearts. I felt a kinship in these communities – something I have never felt before. I feel motivated and focused on my future now – enriched by my association, aware, prepared and in sync with the “real world” out there to make a better contribution as a global citizen, engaging locally – Chenoa Gachupin.


Melkhoutfontein through the eyes of a Dreamcatcher volunteer

Filmed and Produced by Chenoa Gachupin, Detroit, USA in association with Anthea Rossouw, Dreamcatcher founder. I dedicate this to all the many people at Dreamcatcher who enriched my life.