Postcard from Debbie Siebers – Denver, USA

Debbier_Siebers_posing_in_front_of_mountainWords can’t even begin to express the lushness and spectacular beauty that I witnessed when arriving at the family owned Nuy Wine Estate in Nuy Valley. After driving all along the breathtaking Garden Route and seeing the Indian Ocean for the first time, I had the wonderful experience of staying over for a couple of days at this very charming family run wine I truly felt at home and part of the family. From the unique experience of enjoying your own private wine tasting right from the barrels, indulging in a traditional pioneer pot of oxtail stewing on open fire with fresh vegetables and corn on the cob, I realized that this is what heaven must be like :-). Shooting my routine with the backdrop of the magnificent mountains while women were picking grapes close to us was the cherry on the top!!

Then on to meet some down right incredible kids at Heidelberg and Melkhoutfontein Stilbaai

Debbie_Siebers_teaching_dancing_in_classroomFrom Nuy where we witnessed wine picking by groups of women in full swing, we made our way through beautiful wine areas, then along a beautiful mountain range called The Langeberg, to reach Heidelberg hemmed in from the one side by the Groot Vaders Bosch (Great Grand dad’s Forest) and the Indian Ocean to the south where I understand scores of whales come in to bear their young each year.



Debbie_Siebers_dancingWe filmed our exercise at the Kairos High School in Heidelberg where the girls were amazing once more then we went on to the Melkhoutfontein School in Stilbaai where once again the girls just embraced the initiative. Even more rewarding was the first hand experience of seeing that this dvd would work very well in a class room with desks and in an empty class room. They both worked well. The teachers where so welcoming at both schools. I felt as if I had been there all my life.

What is clear as we drove through the landscapes, is that the landscapes are so diverse even within a two hour drive – it feels like you are in another world. How rich I felt as I went to bed to watch the millions of stars outside my window in my comfy room at the Dreamcatcher Home Office. I was after all right under the Southern Cross star.

Debbie Siebers
Fitness and Lifestyle Expert