Postcard from Emily O’Brien – Traverse City, United States

Emily_OBrienDear Anthea, Kamammas, Dreamcatcher kids and the Utopia Volunteer organisation

I’m just now settling back home after my volunteer time at Melkhoutfontein, Stilbaai, South Africa. I can’t thank Dreamcatcher and Mr. Sutherland Chairperson of Utopia Volunteers and Utopia staff enough for this in incredible opportunity to volunteer among the people.

I learned so much and am so much more experienced than before. There are not enough words to describe the experiences and emotions I encountered on this trip and it was an honour to work with Dreamcatchers and become part of the community, learn about their amazing culture and lifestyle. The ancient fish traps we stacked together brings their heritage into their lives and reminds them of their heritage. This is so cool.

Emily_OBrien_on_the_shore_with_DC_kidsThe children Dreamcatcher empowers were wonderful and I know they’re going to grow up and become SO important to the world. Launching our Messages from Africa and Traverse City, was so cool to start up. I loved how the kids are also taught hygiene, a healthy lifestyle and about their cultural heritage, starting with the ancient fish traps at the edge of the ocean not far from where relics from the past were find, linking them to their ancestry. Something so important to children growing up in socio-economic hardship. I think it is so important for the children in the US and South Africa (especially those who live in rural communities), to reach out to each other with the Postcard project. I hope to hear some feedback about the messages they send and receive!

Once again, thank you for everything!

Emily O’Brien,
Traverse City, Michigan